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Phenolic insulation series

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1.Samsung phenolic fire insulation board is composed of thermosetting phenolic resin foam. its excellent properties, prevent fire, heat insulation, sound insulation, light and energy saving, heat resistant, flame retardant from extinguish, flame penetration resistance, in case of fire flame without dripping and prevent the spread of fire resistance can be present . Samsung resin and foaming process for the improvement, the development of high performance phenolic foam, solved the phenolic foam big brittleness, low tensile strength, bibulous rate is high, the  low obturator rate . the product fully meet the requirements of exterior wall thermal insulation material.

2.Light:  density in 40 kg/m3-60 kg/m3, 4 cm thick plank for 1.8 kg per square metre
Flame retardant: 25 mm thick phenolic fire insulation board can bear through 1700 ℃ for 10 minutes; the table only somewhat carbonized without burning
through. it is the best fire insulation board.
Non-toxic: no drip when burnt, low smoke quantity , and no poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide.

3.Phenolic insulation board technical parameters of fire



Detection Project Name

Standards and standard terms No.




Flammability (B-S1,D0)

Unit combustion experiments

FIGRA 0.2MJ≤120W/S



LFS<Edge of the sample

LFS<Edge of the sample







600sNo burning inside droplets / particles

No burning droplets

Flammability test

Ignition time =30s

Less than 150mm




Performance indicators

Compressive strength



Thermal Conductivity



Performance density



Water absorption



Dimensional stability



Tensile strength perpendicular to the plate surface direction



Water vapor permeability coefficient



Bending Strength



Formaldehyde emission




Tensile bond strength of phenolic insulation board with fireproof cement mortar

Tensile bond strength
MPa (with adhesive)

Original strength

≥0.08,Destruction of phenolic foam board interface

Water resistance

≥0.08,Destruction of phenolic foam board interface

Tensile bond strength
MPa (with plaster mortar)

Original strength

≥0.08,Destruction of phenolic foam board interface

Water resistance

≥0.08,Destruction of phenolic foam board interface

Freeze-thaw resistance

≥0.08,Destruction of phenolic foam board interface

4."A" level of fire safety and reliable
The flame retardant performance is in B1 level, because of its meet flame non-combustible for its equivalent class A. the 100 mm thick phenolic foam flame resistance can be more than 1 hour for no broken . The flame with a knot under the direct effect of carbon, dripping, melting phenomenon, after the flame surface to form a layer of graphene "bubble" layer, foam structure within the effective protective layer. This product has passed the authoritative testing institutions (the national building materials test center, jilin construction engineering quality test center) detection.
low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance is stron
Excellent insulation performance: the thermal conductivity of phenolic foam is between 0.028 0.032 (m • k), excellent heat preservation and heat insulation performance
the system matching and application range
the chemical resistance, solvent resistance of Phenolic foam than other organic bubble. The can be used in the course of construction and any water soluble glue, solvent adhesive. the physical and chemical performance meet the national standard standard. with most of the polymer mortar, it is suitable for thin rendering system ,fire belt system, thermal insulation wall surface decoration integration system, and  the combustion performance detection system in the requirements of incombustible a-class
the simple construction for saving time limit for a project
With Small density, light weight, samsung phenolic fire insulation board density can reach 40 kg/m3 under the premise of meeting the strength requirement in reducing the load of the building, and simple construction, and improving the working efficiency
low smoke with non-toxic, energy conservation and environmental protection
Phenolic foam testingby the state building materials test center is fully comply with GB/T20285-2006 detection requirements, directly used for indoor E1 standard
good stability, Large scope of heat-resistant
Bakelite bubble board has good chemical stability and physical stability. because the thermosetting phenolic foam plate material can own so its high temperature resistance, temperature in - 150 ℃ to 180 ℃, even  not change any properties
Strong sound absorption performance  and effectively reduce noise
Phenolic fire insulation board has a certain sound absorption performance
The New phenolic insulation tube is tried for a lot of improvement in my company, and is abolished the traditional cutting molding production methods, using polyurethane foaming principle. The molding phenolic insulation pipe saves the cost, and increase the product is beautiful! This product is pink, no dropping and deformation. Its flexibility is higher than ordinary cutting molding of pipes. With super heat preservation effect, neat appearance, construction is convenient! Has been widely used with the cold and hot water pipe of building, building fire pipes, building water supply and drainage pipelines, household heating heat pipes, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and other pipe insulation system, central air conditioning, and can be widely used in the construction of general air conditioning duct incomparable unique advantages!
The reinforcement material is made up of resin and catalyst of two-component liquid molecular materials. according to the proportion in Mixing ratio 1:1 of the mixed water injection pump pressure to the coal strata. Infiltrate into tiny fractures in expansion, solidification, bonding. It is Effective for breakage of the high strength reinforcing soft coal strata, so as the expansion of the large whole, thus improve the overall carrying capacity of coal strata. It Can also bear the large displacement of rock formations, facilitate each layer excavation and control of roof caving

The good viscosity and permeability is available for wee gap. 

The bonding strength is improved by the better boding ability and stress.

It bears the good stratum movement for its well flexibility.

It can be used for be off fire and static and improving safety.

It can freely adjust the foam multiple and coagulation time

It can be used for the Reinforcement of soft coal strata, the driving and working face advance. Then the preventing roof caving roadway roof and speeding up the production will come true.

Reinforcing the driving along goaf strengthening coal pillars, and broken coal pillars, and preventing goaf air leakage and coal pillar is used for decreasing the size of coal pillar and  improving the recovery rate.

      It will be helpful of caving reinforce in Working face roof , and avoiding personal accident, and improving the strength of working face advancing.
Filler material is made of resin and catalyst of two kinds of materials. They are be mixing in volume ratio of 1:1. then the mixture enter the injection hole of coal and rock under pressure cracks and rapid expansion in seconds. After injection holes and sealing strong mixture puff up the layers and layers of layers of curing, and is quickly full of space of the formation of foam. It owns Not only certain strength good capability and flexibility, but can withstand strata movement. Filler material has high inflation rate and prominent antistatic properties. the high fire rating is used in coal mines closed, fire prevention, roof caving filling and hole filling.

High flame retardant, not burning, and  good antistatic performance

High inflation rate, in doubled volume .

The respond can be adapted to the high temperature above 10 ℃ environment. More than ten seconds gel curing.

It owns the Good compressive ability and withstanding of the strata.

Be off the fire.

Facing the permanently closed, empty face goaf arson, harmful gas in underground, block surrounding rock crack, it is helpful.

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