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7+3 Gold Plate

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Distinctive Quality, 7+3 Gold Plate, Seven Standards, Triple-inspection
     7+3 gold plate completely discards the traditional production process, introduces a new concept of the fire compartment of particles, and utilizes a unique production process, which not only maintains but also improves some performance parameters of the traditional craft products,
Product Introduction
equipping them with high fire resistance and strong heat insulation. As the best insulation materials at home and abroad, it thoroughly solves the fire hazards of exterior walls.
Application Advantages
1. Superior fire resistance
     • Meet the national fire rating of A-level standard; the product has passed the tests by Dujiangyan Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of National Fireproofing Construction Materials and the National Building Materials Testing Center.
     • Adopt the principle of fire compartment of particles to achieve the fire retarding effect.
• Use the thermosetting molding process, which equips the product with the combustion performance of thermosetting materials; after the combustion and carbonization of the product, no flaming droplet will be formed, which prevents the pool fire and the occurrence of secondary combustion.
2. High efficient insulation property
    With the thermal conductivity between 0.032 and 0.036, the thermal insulation performance of 7+3 gold plate is significantly superior to other A-level fire insulation materials.

3. Green and energy saving
     • 7+3 gold plate is free of toxic substances; brominated flame retardants, which is currently banned for usage in Europe, will be prohibited in the next two years; 7+3 gold plate casts off the blind misunderstanding to improve the flame retardance through the increased amount of brominated flame retardants. Instead, 7+3 gold plate achieves the flame retarding effect by adding inorganic fillers to modify EPS.
     • The product complies with ROHS testing standards, being environment-friendly and free of any harmful volatile substance; it will not break down or mildew; during combustion, it produces low smoke emission, without releasing any toxic or pollutant gas to the environment.
     • Low-energy and non-pollution production process is available.
     • Recyclable.
4. "Breathable" insulation materials:
     The product has excellent breathability with waterproof property.
5. Highly cost-effective
     Due to superior low thermal conductivity, the usage-cost of the insulation area per unit is far less than polyurethane and rock wool, roughly equivalent with EPS and XPS.
6. Small density
     The product has the least density among the insulation materials with equivalent insulation property and combustion performance.
7. Advantageous mechanical and physical properties
     The product has good compressive strength, toughness and dimensional stability.
8. The product can be successfully applied to the insulation system of thin plastering external
     • High efficiency construction, with an average of 30 square meters for each person every day.
     • Convenient cutting process for on-site construction.
9. The product can be successfully applied to color-steel composite panels.
     • More convenient production and composition process than rock wool and polyurethane.
     • More competitive usage-cost than rock wool and polyurethane
10. The product can be successfully applied to the decorative insulation panels.
    Decorative insulation panels enable the exterior walls of buildings to achieve both the decorative effect of stone materials and the insulation function, saving the cost.

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